Community Rules & Regulations

Here at Brookside Meadows our idea is to promote your home as a place of enjoyment. As such, we expect you to act in a manner that supports that same enjoyment for your fellow neighbors. You will find that thoughtfulness and consideration will be appreciated and returned to you.

Please read your rental agreement carefully!! If there is anything that you do not understand, please come to the management office during regular business hours and we will be more than happy to explain it to you.

Community Rules & Regulations

  1. No personal checks will be accepted.
  2. The apartment and other areas reserved for a Tenant's private use must be kept clean and sanitary by Tenant. Balconies, patios and porches should not be used for storage and must be kept clean and in an orderly manner. Tenant will correct any items that Management or Management's Agent deems to be in violation of this standard.
  3. Sidewalks, entrances, and passages must not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress. Use of bicycles, skateboards, and similar toys are prohibited in these areas.
  4. ANY neglect or abuse of the property, dwelling structures, apartments, lawn, trees, shrubs, or equipment will be considered a lease violation and may be grounds for termination of lease. The cost to repair damages caused by carelessness, misuse, or neglect on the part of the resident, their family, or guests will be charged to the Tenant.
  5. Exterior or interior alteration to the unit is prohibited by the Tenant. This includes but not limited to antennas, additional phone jacks and cable outlets. A Satellite dish is prohibited. If you wish to modify your unit, you must submit a request to management. Unauthorized alterations will be considered a material lease violation and can result in termination.
  6. No Tenant may alter or install a new lock on any exterior or interior door. If a resident has sufficient cause for a lock to be changed or rekeyed, a written request must be submitted to Management or Management Agent.
  7. DO NOT disconnect or disable the smoke alarm. If you do so this will result in a material lease violation and termination.
  8. Trash, including but not limited to cigarette butts & other forms of tobacco products/paper must be placed in garbage receptacle and designated areas. All trash must be placed in sealed or tied plastic bags. Do not place hazardous waste or anything other than household garbage in trash receptacle. Please keep your parking
    area and the area around the out side of your building clean from trash and debris. You will be fined $25 if you have trash, tires, furniture, or any debris around your building and parking area.
  9. Replacement of light bulbs and batteries throughout the unit is Tenant's responsibility.
  10. Aluminum foil or any other colored /non colored window covering applied to the windowis prohibited.
  11. Water furniture such as Water Beds are prohibited.
  12. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to provide renter's insurance to protect personal belongings from perils such as a fire, flood, windstorm, theft, vandalism, etc.
  13. DO NOT pour grease into the sinks, tubs or toilets. Also, feminine products, condoms, excessive toilet paper, etc. should not be disposed of in the toilet. All of these things will cause sewer lines to become clogged. As a result of negligent or improper use, the resident will be liable for the cost of any damage to plumbing, stoppages or service calls associated with them.
  14. Use all appliances, fixtures, furniture and equipment in a safe matter and only for the sole purpose which they are intended. The Tenant is liable for the cost of repairs or replacement of furniture, appliances and equipment that is damaged due to abuse, neglect or improper use.
  15. Laundry equipment is to be used in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer. In addition, resident acknowledges that because the management has agreed to pay a monthly utility cap of $60, such cost must be regulated to ensure economical feasibility. As a result, USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT IS DESIGNATED FOR TENANTS OF BROOKSIDE MEADOWS ONLY!!
  16. Consumption of alcoholic beverages outside the unit is prohibited. Also, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the required drinking age is prohibited. Any deviation from this rule is considered a lease violation and grounds for Lease Termination.
  17. Tenants or Tenant's Guest are prohibited from engaging in the following activities: loud or obnoxious conduct, disturbing or threatening the rights, comfort, health, safety, or convenience of others in or near the residents of Brookside Meadows. Possessing, selling, or manufacturing illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia: engaging in threatening violence; possessing a weapon; discharging a firearm in the unit or at residents; displaying or possessing a gun, knife, or other weapon that in any way may harm others; bringing hazardous material into the unit or surrounding ground.
  18. Management or Management's Agent has the right to determine what constitutes as disorder, excessive music or noise, and interference with the peace and comfort of other Tenants.
  19. Soliciting business or contributions from Tenants is strictly prohibited.
  20. Residents are liable for lost or stolen keys. The fee to replace a lost or stolen key is $10.00 per key. The unlock fee to give tenant access into their building or bedroom will be $10.00 during business hours (Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm). After business hours fees are $40.00. The unlock fee is to be paid upfront and in cash only, to the employee that unlocks the door. The unlock fee can not be paid at a later time nor can it be charged to your account. In addition to ensure the safety of our Tenants, a Tenant is strictly prohibited from giving their keys or make copies of their keys to anyone. Violations of these rules will be determined a lease violation and cause for immediate eviction.
  21. Tenant's guest under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  22. Barbecuing is permitted provided that the barbecue grill is at least 5 feet from any building.
  23. Loitering, parties/gatherings/kickbacks are strictly prohibited! All tenants living in the unit where a party is thrown will be held accountable. Each tenant will be fined $500 and/or evicted for throwing a party or failure to report a party to management. Tenants will also be responsible for the costs of any damages that occur as a result from a party.

  1. Drive slowly!! A 10 mph speed limit is in effect at all times on the property.
  2. Lock your vehicles.
  3. Changing oil on the property is prohibited.
  4. Major repair of vehicles on the property is prohibited.
  5. Washing vehicles on the property is prohibited.
  6. Parking or driving on lawn or grass is prohibited.
  7. Parking on the street is prohibited.
  8. Each Tenant may have one (1) overnight guest parked on the property.
  9. Owners of vehicles that leak oil are responsible to clean up spilled oil and subject to pay the cost of repair to the parking area.
  10. Management may regulate time, manner and place of parking cars, trucks,

    motorcycles, and bicycles, illegally parked vehicles (double parked, not displaying proper decal, etc.) may be towed, at Tenant's expense.
    A vehicle is
    prohibited and illegally parked if:
    » Has flat tires or other conditions rendering it inoperable
    » Has an expired or missing registration or inspection sticker
    » Takes up more than one parking space
    » Belongs to a Tenant who has surrendered or abandoned the apartment
    » Is parked in a marked handicapped space without legal required insignia
    » Blocks another vehicle from exiting
    » Is parked in a fire lane or designated
  11. Vehicles with a carrying capacity of more than one ton (2000 lbs.) are prohibited from parking on the property. Motor homes, boats, trailers or other such recreational vehicles are also prohibited.

  1. Service or maintenance requests must be presented to management IN WRITING!
  2. If damages result from Tenant's failure to submit a work order or maintenance request in a timely manner, the Tenant(s) will be billed the cost of repairs.
  3. In case of any emergency such as fire, flood, natural disaster during any time, contact 911 or Management or Management's Agent as soon as possible.


  1. Tenant's guest are expected to abide by the same rules and regulations that govern the Tenant that they are visiting. Tenants are responsible for their guest!! Tenants will receive a Lease violation for any rules or regulations that are broken by their guests. The conduct of your guest can result in a Lease violation, place you in default, and be cause for immediate termination.
  2. Tenants are responsible to report to management for damages caused by guests.
  3. Management may have guests or others removed from the premises whom in management's judgment have violated the law, lease agreement, or this policy.
  4. Management cheerfully acknowledges the resident's right to entertain guests, however, guests can not stay more than a total of two (2) consecutive days per month.

Inspection of the unit by management and/or staff will occur on a bi-weekly basis to ensure compliance with Tenant's Lease, this policy, and other applicable guidelines, Occasional inspections may occur as deemed necessary by management.


  1. There are times when entry of repairmen, servicemen and or Management or Management's Agent will be necessary. The Tenant is not required to be present for such occasions.
  2. Management or Management's Agent, repairmen, or serviceman may enter the unit on an emergency basis without notice.
  3. 24 hour notice will be given (as time permits) for pest control or other services where applicable.
I do hereby certify that the documents listed below have been explained to me, I understand my responsibilities, and agree to comply with the provisions detailed in each document. I further understand that any deviation or neglect to follow those provisions will be cause for a lease violation and possible eviction.
» Lease Agreement
» Community Rules & Regulations

These Community Rules & Regulations will be effective for the term of the resident's occupancy, or until new Rules & Regulations are executed. Landlord/management may, from time to time, amend and supplement the Rules and Regulations, effective upon posting a notice at the Facility or at Landlord's elections, upon notice to Tenant.

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